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Floor 3, Office 308
3501 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Referral calls: 412-246-5599 Front desk: 412-246-5670
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Who we are

STEP is an outpatient clinical program for the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of people who may be experiencing early symptoms and signs of psychotic illness in a recovery-oriented setting. Our goal is to determine how early symptoms may contribute to the onset and course of psychotic disorders so we may then make better treatment decisions.

Who we serve

STEP provides evaluation and treatment services for individuals, ages 14 to 40, who are having psychotic symptoms or difficulties separating reality from unreal experiences or false beliefs within the past 5 years and reside in the state of Pennsylvania.


Parts of this program may be covered by your insurance carrier. The program is further supported by a Mental Health Block Grant provided through the State of Pennsylvania (for Pennsylvania residents only) For non-Pennsylvania residents, please contact us regarding other options. Individual parts of the comprehensive services are available on a fee for services basis.