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About Early Psychosis and what you can do

Identifying and efficiently treating early presenting symptoms of psychosis can delay or prevent the onset of chronic, disabling long term illness.  According to the National Institute of Mental Heath which launched the RAISE (Recovery after Initial Schizophrenia Episode) studies in 2008, early treatment reduces the burden to both the individual and society at large, fundamentally altering the trajectory…

Psychosis in young people

The number of students with significant psychiatric disabilities has been steadily rising, including students with recent onset psychosis.  Because early psychosis often mimics other mental health issues, can seem like normal hormonal shifts in teens, and can present differently from more chronic manifestations, it may proceed undetected…     .

Overview of Early Psychosis

Psychosis is a symptom, not a disorder.  Early psychosis can overlap with anxiety or depression as well as with normal hormonal shifts in typical to the experience of teens and young adults.  If you notice or a student reports any of the following symptoms it is important to consider psychosis…


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