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Trauma 101

Mental Health Partnership presents: This course introduces trauma theory, beginning with understanding the brain/body stress response, and then exploring the short- and long-term impact of adversity, toxic stress and trauma. […]

Trauma 102

Mental Health Partnership presents: Description: Building on basic understanding of trauma, this course introduces the principles of trauma-informed care as implemented in a Peer Support relationship. We include strategies and […]

Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychosis in Autism Spectrum Disorder

New England MHTTC presents: Differentiating between autism and schizophrenia spectrum disorder can be quite difficult, particularly in adolescents and young adults who are experiencing early psychosis. This educational webinar will […]

HeadsUp Students & Early Psychosis: A Panel Discussion

This panel discussion is a virtual informational gathering offering education, empowerment, and advocacy for college students who experience symptoms of early psychosis. College/University students, their family members and college/university staff […]

Qe Training

Mental Health Partnerships presents: This 12-hour training workshop will enhance the participant’s comprehension and understanding of LGBTQ+ issues, including and not limited to terminology, overall stigmas and issues, solidarity models, […]